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"Include in 'Conversions'" - Are View-through conv. included too?

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Based on this article


Would unchecking 'Include in Conversions' also stop any view-through conversions from being recorded for that particular conversion tag? I ask because we sometimes run conversion tags for the view-through data ONLY, which causes us to have conversions pop up in reporting that aren't real and need to be manually removed. So I'm asking.. if I uncheck the 'Include in Conversions' option, will conversion stop being reported while STILL recording view-through conversions?


My instinct says no.. but I thought I'd ask. Thank you!

Re: "Include in 'Conversions'" - Are View-through conv. included too?

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Hey J M, how are things?


Unchecking this options will not stop the view-throucg converions.


Quoting the article you have mentioned: "Include in 'Conversions'" does just what it says: it lets you choose whether or not to include a conversion action’s data in your "Conversions" reporting column."


Since conversion actions happens on the website side, you don't have to worry. This feature is just for Adwords to understand what actions on your website should be counted as Conversions, and if these (assuming you have more then one) will be used on bidding.


Another quote from this other article: "A view-through conversion happens when a customer sees an image or rich media ad, then later completes a conversion on your site.". Although this involve conversions (website side), the main key for this metric to work is a user behavior on Google side, whether or not the user saw the ad. Since this happens on Google side and not the website, nothing to worry about.


Hope this helps.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click