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paid search cars sold

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Does anyone have an idea of ways car dealerships can track which cars sold came from paid search?


I know that you can track leads and everything with conversion pages, but I was thinking it'd be cool you could make a link between leads generated for either a car sale or service appointment lead to the actual sale or service being completed. This way dealers and agencies can avoid the - "You got us 50 leads and we sold 100 cars, how do we know any of those cars sold are from your paid leads?" Obviously this system would still not be able to take into consideration phone calls leading to sales, branding efforts, going to a dealer site from a paid ad but just going to the lot instead of filling out a form, etc.


Any input or new ideas you guys think would be great for car dealerships?

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Re: paid search cars sold

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Hi Michael,


This is possible. A quick overview (the easy version): 

  1. When an AdWords visitor visits the site, capture the gclid in a cookie
  2. When that visitor becomes a lead, after filling-out a form, pass the gclid from the cookie to the form
  3. Preferably, store that gclid in your CRM together with the rest of the lead information
  4. Now you know which leads came through AdWords (the ones with the gclid) and you can track in the CRM how many of the leads with a gclid (AdWords leads) materialised

You can go a step further. Once leads have been contacted by the sales team, and you know which leads materialised and which didn't, you can upload that data back to AdWords. This is useful because you can actually optimize for sales instead of leads then.


The full version on offsite conversions:

Re: paid search cars sold

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Hi Micheal,

What Ken has described here is the best way of bridging the offline sale & online lead. I would only tweak this a bit and say that like Ken said every click on an adwords ad leads to a GCLID being created in the users cookie and along with this the same GCLID is appended to the URL where the user lands after the ad click.

When the user completes a conversion action (form fill ideally) on your website, you need to code your CRM to check if the cookie or the URL consists of the GCLID. If it does, denote it with a prefix like SEM or PPC and store the same against the user form details in your CRM.

Once this potential lead goes to onto buy a car (in your case), you can update his/her status in your CRM as bought a car or something and track it back to its proper source.

Hope this helps.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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