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not sure what to do about my products

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I have an ecommerce website and I also list on etsy.  I only submit my website feed to google shopping.  I notice regularly that when doing a search to see if my products show up, almost all google shopping results are etsy.  I'm sure etsy has some $ deal with google about listing products but am I wasting my $ competing with this deal? Should I just use my etsy shop on google shopping? I would like my traffic to go to my official website but lately feeling it is a total waste of $$.  Still wish google kept shopping free. The results in gshopping are pretty dismal.

Re: not sure what to do about my products

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no, what you do is kill the goose that laid the golden egg and come on here and tell Google they are loosing revenue

so they can close up the loophole. That way you will have to pay several thousand $ or £ to get the same results..


 I'm a small business too and Google's Pay or go away policy is going to kill me too..

 nice move