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new conversion window

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Hi everyone


Sorry for not showing up here so often lately. Busy, busy...


Anyway, I read the news about a longer conversion window in AdWords - great news but it sparked som questions

a) Does it work retroactivey, and in that case how long back?

b) Is it not possible to change the time of the window for types of conversions imported from Analytics? (doesn´t seem so)



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Re: new conversion window

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Just my personal opinion :


a) It cannot be done retroactive. After you change the window to 90 days for a conversion only new generated conversion cookies hold the expiration date of 90 days. Why it cannot be done ?


1) Retroactive could mean : that google could wait for a browser with a 30 days cookie to be connected to the internet to change it's cookie duration to 90 days.


2) Rectroactive could mean : that google once you change the duration it attributes keywords to conversions before the 30 days, but this data was never collected before so it cannot be compiled.


b) Yes it is not possible for analytics in the AdWords interface for imported Goals. Goals and conversions have different cookies. Anyway analytics had a longer window of 90 days ( link )


Funny thing, at the end of the new blog article they say :


"For more information on how to customize your conversion window, check out this help center article."


but the link is not updated for information regarding the 90 day conversion window it is still about 30 days Smiley Happy

Re: new conversion window

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What interests me the most is the option to have a shorter window than the maximum.  I'm struggling to think of a situation in which an advertiser would not want to record conversions after a certain time.  Why would anyone pick anything other than the maximum?



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