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my first adwords

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Alright, so last night i ran my first ad campaign, i find it weird, it is too basic to run these ads, not enough flexibility, but anyway,


I have a daily budget of £25, since last night i have spent over £20 recieved over 60 clicks to the site BUT

From god [censored] 60 people not even 1 person have viewed any product?


landing page -


I do not understand how can google deliver me 60 visitors with:

New visits from your ad
Average time spent on your website
Average number of pages viewed
I honestly feel like scammed, like this simply cant be possibile, this data is also confirmed on my website dashboard and I have had no one view any products? 
Am i missing something here or is google really this bad?
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my first adwords

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Hi Kazim

As you said, it's your first campaign so I guess you're not experienced in creating and managing high performance advertising.

First of all, check searched queries report. It will help you to find out what your users was searched for. Then check your keywords - maybe you're using broad matched keywords and your ads was displayed to wrong audience?

my first adwords

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Hi Kazim,


I actually clicked through to your site only to find a very irritating coupon takeover offer that does not let me click around without closing it. Then when I go to another page, I have to deal with it again.


Next, I clicked on Contact Us page (and button) and they both offer me nothing about you, the company I am suppose to do business with. There is no logo, no name, no address, no phone number... nothing that tells me I can trust buying something here. I am actually surprised AdWords has not suspended the ads over this. The site is too generic/cloaked for today's standards.


With this thought, I do think your visitors are clicking through and then bouncing.  


AdWords is rather complex and needs precision with setting it up to bring precise audience... and then your website has to convince them to convert (shop). 


Note: I did not look at any products after my experience... but I did visit your website. 


Kind Regards,



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my first adwords

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Clicks are not visits/sessions. Even if you have auto-tagging enabled and the accounts linked, as @James_Clemens pointed out - If a user can't actually get through to the site, then you aren't going to get any visits/sessions reported.