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multiple conversion tracking

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I set an Adwords account for an SaaS site with 30 days free trial.


To start with I set only one covnersion for the ones who enter to the welcome page when they start free trial. So this way I can easily see how many people started their free trial coming from which ad.


But I also want to be able to track the middle steps going to trial as well. I mean our sign up process is 3 steps.


1: email entry

2. sign up form

3. free trial welcome


I want to know the number of people coming from a single ad and completing the process until the 1st step or the 2nd step.  Something like this:


 Campaign name / Clicks / Impressions /CTR /Cost / Conversion to 1st step / Conversion to 2nd step / Conversion to 3rd step


How can I set this?


If I set multipole conversions on Google Adwords, will I get this result?






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September 2015

Re: multiple conversion tracking

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Hi Ozge_SaaS,


Welcome to the community.


Personally, I think I'd go for using analytics Goal tracking so you can set up the funnels and see where people might be dropping off. 


The actual free trial should be your goal completion page, with the other pages added as steps in the process.


You could then import this goal into your AdWords account, but it would only show the goals that were completed (signed up to the trial)


This way you can use analytics to do your data analysis but your AdWords account has got better and more accurate data on it's performance.