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keyword planner is wrong

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The keyword planner is garbage. There are no real numbers. At All for Los Angeles. Its so bad its unreal. 


Look at these numbers: 


between Los Angeles 12.5 million people and Louisiana hundreds of miles of physical space including the people that want to move to either.

LA HOMES 480 monthly?? bwahahahhahahahha.... 1.94 click ... bwahahahhahah...

the laziness of the cell phone age LA APTS 30 monthly??? bwahahahahaha.....

LA APARTMENTS $0.62 click bbbwwwaaahahahha.... try it out.. advertise and see what happens to your 0.62 budget. 

LUXURY HOMES was 550k and 240k 

HOLLYWOOD APARTMENTS the 2nd most popular tourist destination behind Vegas. If you stand on Hollywood/Highland for 10 minutes more than 15k people will pass you easy. Ppl are trying to move there every second of the day.



Common sense alone says that the keyword planner is broke. I assure you these numbers are wrong even for adwords reporting CPC and Competition. Low for Apartments come on think .  



Keyword (by relevance)    Avg. mo. searches  Competition     Avg. CPC

luxury homes                      14,800                    High              $2.31

la apartments                       1,900                  Medium           $0.62
hollywood apartments           1,600                     High             $1.70
la homes                                480                     Low              $1.94
la apts                                     30                     High              $1.12
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Re: keyword planner is wrong

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I totally agree with you Eddie,

I have had a very bad experience by using Ad planner for presentation purpose for my clients before winning any PPC projects.

Its inaccurate from years and there is no improvement at all till now. Google Are you there?

Re: keyword planner is wrong

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something is up. I am getting what I think are some pretty bad results too.

example: 161 keywords targeting Pittsburgh PA. Google estimates that at broad match I can expect approx 20 visits daily. Go to phrase I get 2 estimated visits daily and exact under 1 visit estimated daily. The keywords I was researching are not off the wall - in fact I expect to see a decent volume for these keywords.

How do I report back to a client with these numbers? Do I build out 15 adgroups for 161 keywords and expect 4 clicks a day?

Google help please! We need a tool we feel confident about. I love the functionality of the new tool but do not trust the results. The functionality is neato and all, but means nothing if we are not getting accurate data.


Edit: to be clear the target for the example above was Pittsburgh PA Nielson DMA and targeting Search and Partner networks.

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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Re: keyword planner is wrong

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Hi Kim_Clink,


What do you mean by "161 keywords targeting Pittsburgh PA. Google estimates that at broad match I can expect approx 20 visits daily. Go to phrase I get 2 estimated visits daily and exact under 1 visit estimated daily."


As far as I know in the main window the keyword planner displays exact match traffic only ( not what match type we set for keywords). Also when you go to the "Get estimates" window with 160 keywords , you need to shift the MaxCPC and daily bid really high , up to the highest possible just to see all the potential traffic of a set of keywords .


I also noticed that if I put in the "Get estimates" a bunch of keywords , then look at the keyword with the most traffic and then delete the rest, the traffic estimates for 1 keyword become different than before when the estimates included other 100 keywords. Can you try putting a single keyword in the get estimates window and see if it receives more than 20 estimated clicks ?


At least this is my experience with the K. Planner

Re: keyword planner is wrong

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For example this is an estimate of clicks for "cars" when 5 keywords are also there in the simulator :






And this is a 15% difference when a single keyword is in the simulator, same bid, same daily budget :



Re: keyword planner is wrong

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I had to refer to keyword spy. These numbers i left years ago for the keyword tool. Now i can only believe they are closer to correct.

I agree. I need a tool to be confident about. I have to report these numbers as a vendor to the owners of high end companies. how am i suppose to do that with retarded numbers compared to previous months.

Re: keyword planner is wrong

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I replicate the same search and cars comes up as 5k.

I also tried your method with my above keywords. The CPC makes more sense but it is based on the estimate search which is the same numbers still.

I really need better and reliable numbers to maintain professional sound decisions. The keyword planner does not work and has not since the launch.

I need serious help in using this tool or someone will find that 1 mentally unsound web genius is now working for burger king.

Re: keyword planner is wrong

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anyone who believes that the below numbers are correct needs to be fired.

Keyword (by relevance) Avg. mo. searches Competition Avg. CPC
luxury homes 14,800 High $2.31
la apartments 1,900 Medium $0.62
hollywood apartments 1,600 High $1.70
la homes 480 Low $1.94
la apts 30 High $1.12

The competition is in LA so there are lots of advertising instances. How am i going to compete with no confidence. ?? i have no confidence in the keyword tool nor in anyone who says that it works.

Re: keyword planner is wrong

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Don't worry Mr Eddie , the is also this tool :


Search for a word, expand the language English and expand Show additional keyword suggestions from Keyword Tool , this is what comes up :



Re: keyword planner is wrong

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Keyword Spy




LA Homes: 101,000,000/mo

LA Apartments:  55,600,000/mo

LA Apts: 13,600,000/mo

Hollywood Apartments: 60,500/mo

Luxury Homes: 673,000/mo