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indisplay adwords clicks and youtube views

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Trying to understand how to improve this situation.

I have some simple In-display image and text advertisements linked directly to my youtube channel set on ppc.


For approximately every 100 clicks adwords receives youtube records about 50 views

adwords picks up approx 3 invalid clicks and about 20 earned views.


So it looks like I should be getting approx 117 views per 100 clicks but approximately half that is what actually shows up in the YouTube analytics


I have excluded mobile devices and in game advertising to reduce accidental clicks to reduce bounce.


I know there will still be bounce and YouTube real time views are "estimated" but the fact that adwords shows good earned views leads me to believe that my views in YouTube should be higher than what they are?


It seems that about half of the clicks don't actually land in YouTube.


I am thinking something is stopping half of the clicks reaching the YouTube landing page, is there anyway I could identify the placements that are not resulting in a proper click-through so I can exclude those websites?


Appreciate any suggestions Smiley Happy





indisplay adwords clicks and youtube views

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@Brad B


I think the issue here is what constitutes a view, and the short answer is that it is not a click. YouTube doesn't release how they count a view except for when you are running TrueView video ads.  Based on your description you're running regular display on YouTube, so those standards don't apply.  


I don't agree with your math formula for a couple of reasons.  1 click could technically produce 20 earned views. Of course it's going to be relative to how many videos are on your channel, but if one person clicks through and watches 20 more videos on your channel after watching your channel video, that would count as 20 earned views. Your 20 earned views don't mean that it's from 20 different people. 


While I understand that you are doing things to eliminate bounce, that doesn't mean it's not happening. It's going to be relative to who/where you are targeting and the context of these text and image ads that are linking to your channel, and how these people clicking them are perceiving them.  It's hard to give specifics without seeing the ads you've created and your channel, but their are other possibilities besides "accidental" clicks causing a bounce.  One possibility is that the user finds your ad interesting, and when your channel page loads, it's not what they were expecting and leave.  Even if they watch for a few seconds, it doesn't necessarily count as a view.


Considering that you are obviously a video content creator, I think you should be doing video ads.  Try YouTube search if and where appropriate, and then consider some 15 second in-stream ads that advertise your channel.  Make sure you use a companion banner linking to you channel because it stays on the watch page after your ad is over.   I think you'll find the results much more to your liking.

indisplay adwords clicks and youtube views

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I agree that " 1 click could technically produce 20 earned views." that would mean that the view count can potentially exceed the click rate. (so earned views can increase views they cannot be responsible for deceasing the views).


I suppose I should be more accurate - 

To be accurate over the last 48 hours:


YouTube view count is 480 views.

adwords Invalid clicks are 267

adwords click count is 1265

adwords earned views are 524

and Organic views (unknown)


So as I understand it view count minus invalid clicks & earned views should leave me with my organic views and the click thru for my advertising (minus any bounce).


But 480 minus 267 minus 524 = negative 44


Even if you just took the adwords earned views from the YouTube you still get a negative number, adwords is definitely counting more views than YouTube. (clicks aside completely)


This is why I believe some of the clicks are not reaching my landing page.



If they clicked and did not like the content and bounced I would have zero views - or maybe a few organic views.


But to have more people bounce than the number of people who actually clicked is impossible?


Especially when I am getting earned views and no doubt some organic views?


Don't get me wrong - I love adwords, best advertising I have every tried, I know it works as I am getting likes, subscriptions and comments but I just cannot understand how these numbers can be so wrong.


The only solution I can think of is:


1) I am completely wrong (most likely answer Smiley Happy )



2) Websites or apps preventing the person from reaching the landing page when they click, hence my wanting to know if it's possible to find the actual clicks from websites that are not landing.


(Maybe it's clicks from behind a secure firewall that blocks YouTube from opening?)


I have tried Trueview but it doesn't allow ppc which is what I want.


Even with the unusual count rates - My results have been excellent like I said I am getting results and I don't want to change, just improve.


Sorry if this sounds attacking (not my intention), I am just trying to see if there is a way to get more of the views adwords says is being generated.



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indisplay adwords clicks and youtube views

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@Brad B


thanks for breaking it down with more details like that. It's very helpful.


I still think your math is incorrect, at least part of it. I definitely don't think you should subtract invalid clicks from your YouTube view count. I doubt any of them were counted as views at all. Can you answer these questions?


1) How are you tabulating these 480 views? Are you doing so on the channel level or tying it to a specific video?

2) How many videos are on your channel?  How are you tracking what videos these 524 earned views are being attributed to? 

3) Is this 48 hours of data all you have, and was it the last 48 hours? If so, is it possible there is some reporting lag?  

4) Are these new videos with low views who have hit the 301 view parameter for validation? If so, I think there is a potential for lag here as well.


I think I misunderstood your original post.  I thought you were targeting your ads on YouTube only, but now it sounds like you are using the entire GDN.


I think you should reconsider the video ads if views and interaction are your goals. CPV is better than CPC for this in my opinion. From my experience in both mediums, it should be considerably cheaper to bid CPV on YouTube traffic.  You've got a much better shot at getting someone already on YouTube to check out your video/channel compared to those who are browsing random websites on the GDN.  Start with a few tests with tight targeting and grow it out as you learn what works and what doesn't.



indisplay adwords clicks and youtube views

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It must be some sort of lag - not really worried as I am getting value for money regardless.


I will have another look at Trueview, your suggestion "Make sure you use a companion banner linking to you channel because it stays on the watch page after your ad is over" I was unaware of and would make a big difference.


Thanks Smiley Happy