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how to track only track new leads conversion not existing

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hi Guys


I have setup conversion tracking for signup & purchase(topup), Its tracking fine. But we need to filter our conversion


1. user clicks an ad and signup then purchase(here two conversions tracked)


2. user clicks an ad login(existing user) then purchase(one conversion(purchase) tracked)


 but here we dont want to track the 2nd case, because he is an existing user.


But also for example user x who first clicks an ad and got signup and gone, the same user x later comes and clicks an ad and login and purchased, so in this case we need track this user because he come through ppc(campaign).





Re: how to track only track new leads conversion not existing

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Hi Balaji,

So if I understand you correctly then you do not want to track any users who are existing customers that convert by making a purchase?

The best way that comes to mind is to creating a remarketing list populated with users that have made a purchase. You can then add this list to your campaigns as a negative audience. Thus anyone who has converted during the time period of your list will not be shown any of your ads and thus not be able to click on them, log in and make a purchase.

You could also do the same for a list populated by users that have signed up and seen that thank-you page.

Hope this helps

Re: how to track only track new leads conversion not existing

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Hi Balaji,

Conversion Tracking will track every conversion (a page that user visits, where you've placed the conversion Tracking code) that happens after an ad click. But on the other hand, remarketing captures everyone who comes to the page where you have placed the code.

Now, Imagine if a users clicks your ad and then converts, it would be recorded as a conversion and the count is increased to 1 (Converted clicks & Conversions columns)

Let me explain that in detail,
1) Converted Clicks:
Converted clicks is the number of clicks that convert within your chosen conversion window (typically 30 days).

What it means: This is how many clicks resulted in one or more conversion actions. (The conversions will be counted separately in the "Conversions" column.)
Why use it: This number can help you approximate how many unique customers you're acquiring.
Example: A customer clicks on your ad and makes two purchases. So you’ll see two conversions in the “Conversions” column, but only one converted click in this column.

2) Conversions:
Conversions column record every conversion, may it be two or even more conversions from a single user.
So in your case, you can find the clicks that lead to conversions in the Converted Clicks and the number of conversion in the Conversions column (It may be 2 conversions form a single user also).

Hope this Helps !!
Prashanth Reniguntala.