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how to track conversion ?

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Hello Everyone , I have a question for tracking conversion . My question is: If we have a web page and there are 4 product . Product 1 to 4 cost is 100-200-300-400. We get 15 conversion. When any body purchase any product we have same url for all products. So how we track the conversion .Which product get how many conversion .  Please reply me asap. Thanks!

Re: how to track conversion ?

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Hello Arvind,

To track this you have to integrate dynamic values with the google_conversion_value variable within the conversion tracking tag. for more info check the below link

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Re: how to track conversion ?

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Hey Arvind_Sharma

The official google line is:

"When setting up a new conversion action, you can assign the same conversion value to all conversions (static values), or different values to reflect transaction-specific values. The following information only applies to transaction-specific (also called "dynamic") values.

You might be using more than one technology to create and manage your webpages. Conversion tracking works just as well on these kinds of pages, known as dynamically-generated pages. Just make sure the page you put the code snippet on is the one your customer sees after a conversion.

"When inserting the code snippet, you'll place it on the static portion of the page, found within the <body> section.

See the sections in this link for more details:

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