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how to find out what ad was clicked in adwords

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Hi, I need help with AdWords.

is there a way to know what particular ad was clicked? For example, Search terms report shows Ad group and keyword, but not the Ad.


thank you

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Re: how to find out what ad was clicked in adwords

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Hey Alex, how are things?

On Adwords itself I don't think you can cross Search Terms with Ads, but you should be able to achieve that if you have your Adwords account linked with Google Analytics. From GA you should be able to create custom reports or include the "Secondary Dimension" over reports to achieve that.

If you don't have linked accounts, I suggest you do the link right away and begin to gather information. You can see more about this here:

Important: The link DOES NOT go back in time. You won't be able to see information from dates before the link, just afterwards.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: how to find out what ad was clicked in adwords

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Thank you, Leandro.

I do have Adwords linked to GA, I will try that. Thanks again.
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Re: how to find out what ad was clicked in adwords

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Hello Alex.

There is a way to associate the Search Term in Adwords with the ad clicked, but it involves a few steps of download and search within Adwords.
Here is how:

1. On Dimensions, go to "Search Term Report", and download the report, but before downloading make sure to include a segmentation, like this:


Choose "Ad Id":
(You see there is also "Ad" but it will only show you the Display URL and the Destination URL which is no longer active)


2. Open the file you downloaded and find the search term you wish to relate the ad to. You will have a column of Ad ID in that file. Copy that ID.
3. Go to Adwords, to the Ads tab (make it "all campaigns"). Add the Ad Id under Columns:



4. Now you can search the ID you copied from the file.
And there you go.

As you may imagine, this kind of solution would be effective when you want to examine a few popular search terms, but if you wish to go over many search terms (50 for example), this definitely would be considered Sisyphean work. So it all comes to how many terms you wish to relate to the clicked ads and how important this information is to you.

Good Luck!