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how to display estimated cross-device conversions by device type

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In the Google blog about Estimated Cross-Device conversion (, they do not know the conversions segmented by device type, I don't know why, since this is crucial information. So is is possible do this? 

In addition, is it possible also to show the device types where the search ads where shown that started the path to conversion?





Re: how to display estimated cross-device conversions by device type

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it is possible to see how many conversions a device had created, at the campaign level.

At campaign level, go to the "Settings" then "Devices" > "Change mobile bid Adjustment"

On that screen you will then see a break down of the performance for each device for that campaign Smiley Happy Including Converted clicks, click through rate, click conversion rate and so on.

You could also use Google Analytics. Within Analytics you can find out all sorts of data regarding devices and how they perform regarding your ads, including how much revenue you make through each device.

Hope this helped!