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google / cpc in All Traffic are changed to be others in Channels

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Hello all,

(I posted this problem in Google Analytics forum, but couldn't get any answer...)


Could somebody explain why this happens?

The number of sessions of 'google / cpc' is different in All Traffic and Channels.

Acquisition > All Traffic: Secondary Dimension:Landing Pages
google / cpc 1,531 sessions

Acquisition > Channels: Secondary Dimension:Landing Pages
Paid Search 382 sessions
(Other) 1137 sessions

It seems that some of sessions of 'google / cpc' in 'All Traffic' are changed to be 'others' in 'Channels'.
(Other pages sessions are fine.)


We sell some of products using different landing pages.

Only one product has this problem.

BTW, Our site is created by cake.php


Best regards,

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September 2015

Re: google / cpc in All Traffic are changed to be others in Channels

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Hello Ikumi,

My name is Craig from Google AdWords and I am happy to help you in regards to why you may be seeing different data in the All Traffic and Channels portion. To start off, the (other) entries in your reports is due to what we refer to as cardinality.

Each report dimension (e.g., Page, Browser, Screen Resolution, etc.) has a number of values that can be assigned to it. The total number of unique values for a dimension is known as its cardinality. For instance, the Mobile dimension has two potential values (Yes or No), so the cardinality for that dimension is two. Other dimensions can have any number of values assigned. For example, the Page dimension has a different value for every URL that appears on your site.

Dimensions with a large number of possible values are known as high-cardinality dimensions and to get you reports in a timely manner and due to processing issues, reports such as landing page values which contain high-cardinality dimensions may be affected by Google Analytics system limits, resulting in the creation of a rolled-up (other) entry in the report.

Although a lot of the data is getting wrapped into the (other) field while you are looking at a very granular report, the data should still align. Keep in mind, there may be some normal processing delays due to the high-cardinality of this report. Please ensure that you are looking at all pages of data and are not limited by the number of rows you are viewing in the report also. If you would like for us to deep dive your account specifically, give us a call at 1-866-2GOOGLE and we are happy to take a look!


Craig B.