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goal funnel visualisation - does it illustrate failed goal completions too?

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I've got a 5 step conversion process. Works similar to an insurance quote, you enter your details one step at a time.


The goal has been set up and the 5 intemediary stages to that goal has also been set up. But the intemediary pages aren;t showing up on the funnel visualisation. There have been a couple of conversions where the data has been tracked and the funnel visualisation has shown the page views to the intermediary pages leading up to the conversion.


I would like to know, does the goal funnel visualisation show hits the intyemediary pages where the visit hasn't resulted in full goal?


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Re: goal funnel visualisation - does it illustrate failed goal completions too?

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Funnel visualisation will show you pageviews for each of your 5 steps even for visits where the final conversion might not have happened.

Something like

I am not sure if that answers your question


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Re: goal funnel visualisation - does it illustrate failed goal completions too?

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Hi morecaffeine,


Sounds like there is a problem with your funnel setup. Are you using head match or regular expressions? Does each page have a different name, or are the pages identified in the query string? If using a query string (for server side processing), are all query string values passed in the same order?


I had set up my goals using a particular value in the query string of the request, even though the form method was post. This worked for a long time, but stopped working recently. I had to redefine the steps accordingly.


Regular expressions I found to be difficult to setup. Head match, if it is possible on your site, was much easier to do. If your funnel pages are properly defined, you should see traffic to each page of the funnel. You will likely also see alternate entries into your sales funnel as illistrated in a previous post here.


I don't want access to your account, and I don't want any protected info from you either. Share what you feel comfortable in doing. If you want to share the funnel setup I will take a look and tell you if it appears to be correct. Show the match type selected and the URL's as listed in the goal setup.


Best of Luck!




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