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found evidence adwords analytics maybe malfunctioning!?

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I recently ran an in-stream video ad, which is around a minute.

and i received about 100 views (not impressions) and i realised later on that i chose a wrong video,

which is one minute length, but after the first 25 seconds it pretty much displays a still image that goes on for over 30 seconds. so most people wouldn't be patient enough to actually look at the still image for 30 seconds (it's not even an interesting pic) 

However the adwords analytics showed that over 10 PERCENT of people watched 100 percent of the video!!?

can anyone explain this situation?

Note that the ad finished a couple of days ago so it wouldnt have any delayed report error.

so in conclusion:

- after the first 25 seconds of the video, the ad shows pretty much nothing for the next 35 seconds.

- most people would skip this before the ad even finishes

- however almost 10 percent of people actually finished watching it


i know there would be people who may leave the computers on accidentally or for other reasons however

10 percent seems too large, im pretty sure there are much much more active regular youtube users.


anyone has any idea on this?


Re: found evidence adwords analytics maybe malfunctioning!?

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Hi there,

I haven't heard of any issues with the reporting functionality for AdWords for Video.

10% of 100 views is 10, so I think it could just be the case that 10 viewers actually did watch the whole thing, maybe expecting that something would follow the still frame? Obviously, a lot of viewers dropped off and maybe skipped around, but not everyone's viewing pattern will the same.