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Hi guys,

I'm hoping you're able to help with a problem I'm having, where I am using Excel to report on my client's adwords performance.

My client is a vehicle hire company, with branches in over 70 locations throughout the UK.

Essentially, I have created a spreadsheet which shows the performance of every keyword used in their account, and what I would like to be able to do is to group all of these keywords together by location. Most of the keywords used in the campaign contains a location term, and they are all either Exact or Broad Match Modified - so examples of keywords are +van +hire +newcastle or [van hire in manchester].


What I want to do is to automatically match each keyword off to a given location in Excel in order to help with location targetting / location based bid adjustments.


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how this could be possible?


Thanks a lot,



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September 2015

Re: excel

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Hi Craig

If you know how to use VLOOKUP in excel then it can be done easily. Then a make a one time excel sheet for all the keywords with location and whenever you want to fetch data, just use VLOOKUP for that.
Please let me know if you want to know how to make one time excel sheet.

Hope this helps!


Re: excel

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Hi Abhishek,

Thanks, I had a feeling that I'd have to use VLOOKUP - I suppose now's the time for me to get to learn how to use this!

Thanks for the help