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ecommerce transactions

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I am looking into my Analytics account and there am seeing different numbers when I look at the ecommerce transactions under AdWords campaigns, I see one value, but when I then click through to look at the individual adgroups in the campaign, I see a different number of transactions. Why is this and what is the difference?

See here is campaigns, and campaign 1 has 35 transactions... but when I click on Campaign 1 to look at the adgroup breakdown,....



It now says 61 transactions! What is the difference?



Please help!




Re: ecommerce transactions

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Hi Liz,

AdWords and Analytics will never match 100% because of the differences of how and when they report and attribute conversions (more on this here and Data discrepancies between AdWords and Analytics).  That said, in your particular instance I'm wondering if maybe you have multiple AdWords Accounts and/or websites?

When I look at your screenshots I see that Clicks and Cost data are consistent, but the Session data has variances.  In this article on incorrect data, it says "When you apply cost data from an AdWords account, data from the entire account is applied to each view: Analytics does not automatically match campaigns to specific views."  So I think as you drill into each Campaign you may see Session data from other Campaigns/Ad Groups.