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conversion optimizer

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Hi, i have a problem with my conversion optimizer. I had two conversions. Both of them were working great.I turned on conversion optimizer and was happy with results.One had 278 conversions in a month and the other 187. After few months i deleted one conversion(187).And after that my problems started. Cpa was nearly doubled and cpc rose as well,number of conversions decreased dramatically from 6-7 daily to one or none at all.I started to try to improve things and added around 10 new keywords( but all to ad groups that were not my best).The most important ad group which was converting the best is not converting at all now. the position has changed from1 to 3 sometimes even 4. Any advise how i can improve the stats and what is the reason of such dramatic change. Thanks

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September 2015

Re: conversion optimizer

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Hi Jane, I had a same problem in the past.


A few of the best practice tips for using the conversion optimizer are:


Don't make huge changes to a campaign while running Conversion Optimizer (example: deleting all ad groups and replacing them with new ones).


Don't remove your conversion tracking code from your website or move it to a different location while running Conversion Optimizer.


Here is the full list:


I guess that dropping tracking code for 30% of conversions (if this is what you did, I did not understand 100%) is considered a huge change. To regain balance I suggest the following:


Switch back to CPC and run on CPC for about one or two weeks depending on the volume of conversions. I think that 100 conversions and 1-2 weeks of time will be enough for the system to regain balance. Then switch back to CPA.


Good luck!

Re: conversion optimizer

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Hi, Zoicaremus.Thank you very much for your advise.I will try it out and then come back with the results.