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clicks in call only campaigns

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Hi All,


I have call only campaigns in my account related to travel domain, so i have some questions below regarding this:


1. Can we track number of calls without using "google forwarding number".

2. What is the diff. between 'clicks' and 'calls' in "call only campaigns" as i read that call only campaigns are click to call so these 2 terms should be same???

3. In some campaigns i am using call forwarding number but there is much difference in "call" and "click" column.


Kindly clear my confusion about these terms in call only campaigns.




Re: clicks in call only campaigns

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hi Sanjay,

The answers are below:

1) Yes, we can track it if its a PPC specific number and also you have an LMS

2) Clicks are the user clicks on your ad and calls are once the user calls your number. There will be huge drop off between them because once the user clicks your ad, the number is pasted in the dialer of your mobile phone and then he/she needs to press the call button to call the number. Thus, you get a lot of clicks but comparatively less calls.

3) Explained in 2nd point

Hope your confusion is clear now.

Rohit Khanna