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cannibalization report

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It would be nice to have a report where I can see keywords in my own account that lose impressions due to other keywords in the account. Is this possible? I couldn't find anything suitable in the docs.


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Re: cannibalization report

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What I get from your question that you want to know which keywords in your account are competing with each other.
You need to read this article to know how similar keywords match search term:

I don't think there's any report can give detail about that, but you can find the duplicate keywords in your account through adwords editor
Tools Menu > Find Duplicate Keywords or go to the View Menu > Duplicate Keywords.

To avoid that, you can use negative keyword across your campaign level and ad group level.

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Re: cannibalization report

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Hello, Udo.

There isn't such a report. And it is something that has worried me as well in the past. As I've described in one of my blog posts, my solution was to run a search term report and then use a pivot table to see if search terms were triggering ads from more than one ad group. In other words if they were spilling across ad groups. If they did, that was because there was more than one keyword that could trigger them.

Since then Google added the keywords in the search reports as well, next to the search terms.

Now you can do the same and look for several keywords that were triggered for the same query and take action.

You will be limited, however, to the queries that appear in your report, and you'll only see them post-factum.

If that's not satisfactory, the only thing you can do is to use the Ad Preview Tool and test your search queries. It wil show you if they match more than one keyword.
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