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can i track who sees my display ads using cookies at a customer level?

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I'm very new to digital adverting and come from a CRM transactional targeting background.


I know that I can target ads against my customer cookies across an ad network. If they click on that ad I can see what ad they have clicked on when they land on the site and subsequently communicate with them about that.


But what I would like is to get a list of my cookie IDs that have seen the ad an not clicked through.


Is this legal, is it possible?






In an ideal world,  what I would like to be able to do is identify when people see my ads in different interest categories and if they don't click through then be in a position to send a relevant email to my members.


For example lets say user goes to a car site, my banner ad is served to them, but they don't click through.


Can I see at a cookie URN level that a ad has been served to them individually?


If I got the data that said cookie id xxxx was served advert xxx then I would know my customers are looking at cars, I could link the cookie to the CRM data (email, address) and I can then I can send them a relevant email to back this up about understanding the cost of car insurance before buying the car.


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Re: can i track who sees my display ads using cookies at a customer le

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Hi James,


I am not a tech savvy but I think you are talking about the concept of Remarketing here and at the same time you want to remarket your banner ads to the users who just saw your ad and doesn't click on it.


If I am not wrong here, using the display/banner ads and creating a Remarketing campaign and using the View Through Conversions, Adwords would assign your banner ad one View through Conversion, if the user has seen the ad, but has not clicked at that time and afterwards the user again came back to your site and converted.


I doubt about the cookies ID disclosure, but you can go through the Google's Privacy policy to find out more about cookies:


Let us know if that helps!


Re: can i track who sees my display ads using cookies at a customer le

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As Pankaj pointed out Google does not share information collected using cookies with 3rd parties
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