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adwords link pasted in forum...

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This isn't a huge issue to me, more of a curiosity but since I'm a low volume advertiser an answer would help me in finding out my conversion rate.


I use tracking software that displays the link used when someone clicks on it.  Today I was reviewing the links determining which conversions came from adwords.


I came across a paid link that came from an internet forum.  I visited the forum to see how my ad was displayed there.  But, it wasn't.  The forum members were having a discussion and one of the forum members pasted a link to my site. But, the link was an adwords link. IOW, it has the gclid  added to the link.


So, does this actually count in my impression/click through rate?  It wasn't actually an ad, but an ad link.



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Re: adwords link pasted in forum...

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Hmm... Interesting,

We had a similar issue in the past and this depends whether all parameters in the  ad click string are valid.

Since Gclid is unique per click - if two glides are  identical, they will override  - I would say  - no.

I recall @Eric Gehler had a similar question on the Search help forum.

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Re: adwords link pasted in forum...

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Great Question.

I think some of the data points especially Analytics will show those "forum click" as adwords clicks. Something to view on your end to check. ( since we don't have a test case of our own to view)

As far as Adwords Platform you will not be "charged" for the click, but it Could still track the conversion (if any) via converted click / assisted clicks etc via a 30 day cookie.

To answer your question specifically, NO, it will not be counted towards impressions or CTR is the general consensus and would not effect the Adwords Platform account.

What forum was it on? Was it a Google Help forum? or non- google related forum?

Thanks @MosheTVL

Re: adwords link pasted in forum...

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Thanks for the answers. This was a non-google related forum. Purely an enthusiast forum.