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adwords V´s analytics

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hi, can anyone explain why I pay for more clicks than I actually get visits?

Google Adwords V´s Google Analytics...

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Re: adwords V´s analytics

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Hello zen-slim;


Please read the following help center article, that explains the difference between the two conversion tracking tools. (see at the bottom conversions vs. clicks)



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Re: adwords V´s analytics

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Hello All,


I am having data discrepancies in my adwords & analytics for Paid campaigns.


Visits in my Analytics for Paid Advertising is higher very much HIGHER than clicks in my Adwords account, I am unable to understand this can someone please explain me what is the reason for this?


In Feb - Analytics shows 73k visits on my site through Google Paid advertising while for the same duration Adwords is showing 49k.


I have read many post and comments on this data discrepancy but all says Adwords clicks is always higher than Analytics Visits, but I am having this discrepancy other way round.



Your reply and help are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



rnt nrt

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Re: adwords V´s analytics

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Hello rntnrt,


Both Adwords and analytics work on different algorithm. Adwords count the click where as analytics count the visits. For example, if some one click on your ad and then he bookmark the website, and after some time he again visit the website through bookmark and keep visiting the website, so one click can have 1-10 or more visits.


Please read the Why do AdWords and Analytics show different figures in my reports? article to understand why both show different data.

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