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adding custom columns to keywords

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Hi and thank you for taking time to answer my question.


Is there a way to add custom parameters to my keywords?


i.e an extra column that i can fill with whatever values i wish.


we are discovering huge differences between CTR and Conversion of Keywords depending on whether they are in singular or plural form.


as of now, we are entering "s" or "p" in a column inside excel BY HAND. every single time we are running a report.


so now it would be awesome, if we could just "tag" our keywords inside adwords with these p´s and s´s ONCE so they are automatically added to the report instead of hand-painting those values in. (500+ keywords,... our interns dont love us on these days)


comprende mi prigunta?


i hope you guys sort of understand what i mean.


thank you in advance for your (as always) excellent and insightful answers.



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Re: adding custom columns to keywords

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Did you by chance tried Adwords APIs ?


I hope that helps somewhere in pointing towards the direction you are looking for!


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Re: adding custom columns to keywords

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Answer: "lables".


adding lables to my keywords will allow me to add any sort of grouping-lable i desire.

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Re: adding custom columns to keywords

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Hi floshkit, what about using Labels?  What you're describing is pretty much exactly how you'd use them.  You could label your Keywords as "Plural" or "Singular" and then you'd be able to sort and run reports based upon those labels.


More about Labels.




(Added) Hmm, not sure how your reply from several hours ago wasn't there when I replied but it didn't seem to be - honest!  Yes, labels are indeed the answer.

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