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Youtube- In-stream Ads for YT Search Keywords?

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HI, I have below combination in video campaign and unable to match the data


Campaign has

** one video ads targeting only "in-search" ( I have unchecked in-search & in-display while creating ads)

** Has one targeting group which only contain "youtube search keywords" . There is no other targeting set.


As per my understanding, for this targeting method" ads should be shown on search result page when someone search for given keywords in youtube and so above Ads should not show as it is "in-stream" format and not "in-search" type?


I have below data

Ads "in-stream" view =873 & impression= 7,703

Youtube keywords view= 0  & impression= 77


So, when targeting methid has 0 view then from where the ads is getting so many view & impression. is it using Demographic as demographic data is matching with ads data/


Please explain me this. 



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Re: Youtube- In-stream Ads for YT Search Keywords?

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Hi Anil_Singh,


That’s a great question - I am happy to provide you further information on In-Stream ads and the targeting methods selected for your campaign which are populating the views.


YouTube In-Stream ads appear when a user initiates a YouTube video play either in the beginning (pre-roll), at points in between (mid-roll), or after (post-roll) a video plays. In-Stream ads need a targeting method other than search keywords in order to serve. i.e. interests and topics to determine which videos would be relevant for your ad to appear on. If you do not have any other targeting than YouTube search keywords, the ad will be triggering off your demographics targeting.


YouTube In-Search ads serve based on user search terms and keywords. Your video will be promoted in the search results and suggestions on the top, right or bottom of the search results. In-Search ads use YouTube Search Keywords as the targeting method and these work just like search keywords for a non-video ad campaign, but apply only to search on YouTube.


Please let us know if you have any further questions!





Re: Youtube- In-stream Ads for YT Search Keywords?

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Hello Craig B,


I'll take this opportunity to ask a related question about YT Search Keywords, when it come to configuring "TrueView In-Search" Ads .


The help pages explain


Where will the ads appear? TrueView in-search videos appear on the YouTube Search results page.


What I cannot find in the documentation is this : the keywords which we use as targeting, can be used with match types such as when someone searches for "Dental implant review" and we have only the exact keyword [dental implant price] , the video Ad is not shown ?


Or the keyword targeting for "trueview in search" uses only simple broad match ?


Thank you.