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YouTube Reporting - Call to Action Overlay Metrics

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HI All,


Is for a AdWords Video campaign running in YouTube.


I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried "Call to Action Overlay" (  before for a video campaign?


Assuming the campaign target Female 25-44 & Unknown, Interest catergory : Beauty & Fitness, Shopping, Art & Entertainments, Online Communities.


And during reporting, we want to compare Call To Action Overlay performance against each interest catergory (Beauty Fitness VS Arts & Entertainment)


Would it help if we link YouTube Analytics to AdWords Analytics?


Any help & advice, is greatly appreciated.!





best regards,

Li Hua


Re: YouTube Reporting - Call to Action Overlay Metrics

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Hi Li Hua,
Yes, I always use Call-to-Action Overlays when running YouTube Ads (completely value-add so always a good idea). When running YouTube advertising Campaigns, you can see the metrics for Call-to-Action Overlays either in your YouTube Analytics Account, or in your AdWords Account.

To see inside your AdWords Account:
1. Log into AdWords
2. Click on All Video Campaigns (left hand side navigation)
3. Click on the Videos Tab
4. Click on the Columns button
5. Click on Customize Columns
6. Under the Performance menu, click on Added next to Call-to-Action

Finally, you should be able to see demographic YouTube data and metrics inside of your YouTube Analytics Account (link below).

Link YouTube & Google AdWords -

YouTube Analytics -

Call to Action Report -
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Re: YouTube Reporting - Call to Action Overlay Metrics

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Hello Li Hua Y,


The Call to action Overlay metric is not reported in the "Targets" view, or when you select a "target", not even if you customise columns you cannot find this metric to add it. Also it is not reported in the "Ads tab".


The Call to action Overlay metric it is only reported in the "Videos Tab" for Video Ads.


As a conclusion you cannot segment this report by Interests.


Also there is no linking to be done between Youtube analytics and Google analytics, you only get to link the Youtube Channel with the AdWords account.


However there is a very new type of reports for youtube being rolled out in Google analytics as described here :

Re: YouTube Reporting - Call to Action Overlay Metrics

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Hi Adrian,

Thank u for the advice, and yes, cant see the Call to action overlay metric under video & target tabs.

Re: YouTube Reporting - Call to Action Overlay Metrics

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Hi, I can't see 'call to action' as a metric to add but I see 'clicks' are these the same?