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YouTube In-Display discrepancies - View Rate vs.Completion Rate (view to 100%)

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I'm having trouble determining what the "Viewed played to" column truly measures for video campaigns in AdWords. Specifically, I'm looking at data for an In-Display campaign with a :30 video. Here's a recap of about two weeks' data. These results are on par with other campaigns I've run. 

  • Views: 2,008
  • Impressions: 232,773
  • View Rate: 0.86%
  • Video played to:
    • 25 - 60.27%
    • 50 - 44.90%
    • 75 - 37.32%
    • 100 - 31.10%

What's confusing is the tool tip that appears next to the Video played to column header: 

"Video played to" measures what percentage of viewers watched to that point in the video.

Example: If video played to 25% is 30%, it means that 30% of impressions watched at least one-fourth (25%) of your video.


That explanation doesn't mesh with the performance data. If only 0.86% of people (impressions) clicked on the In-Display ads (to expand them and view the video), how then could 31.10% of impressions also be completed views?


What makes sense is that 31.10% of views (clicks-to-watch, in the case of In-Display) result in completed views. I've not been able to find support documentation that supports my theory.


Any others out there encountered this issue?

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Re: YouTube In-Display discrepancies - View Rate vs.Completion Rate (view to 100%)

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@Travis B


you're correct. It's either a typo, or it may be considered in a different context.  Not ad impression, but rather video impression... which of course would be a view.

YouTube In-Display discrepancies - View Rate vs.Completion Rate (view to 100%)

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Thanks, @David K. I spoke with Google support about this topic as well. They confirmed that indeed I had identified an error in their tool tip (applies to In-Display only) and a hole in their support documentation. They also confirmed that my theory above was accurate, that viewed to 100% (again, In-Display only) applies to clicks on ads, aka "video impressions" as you stated.