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You're Missing Conversions - With Google Forwarding Numbers.

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Hello Community Members!


I hope you are all well?


I just wanted to share with you an issue that I've noticed with "Call Extensions" and "Google forwarding numbers".


When using a Google forwarding number did you know that the forwarding number doesn't show all the time? And did you know that, depending on the device, your ad group needs to meet a minimum (unspecified) number of clicks in a four week period to be eligible for a Google forwarding number to show,? No? Neither did I! Smiley Happy


According to a Google spokesperson, and a number of tests I've performed today, 350 clicks in one ad group over a four week period is below the minimum requirement to be eligible for the forwarding number to show.


There are some serious issues here:


1.) The fact that "The reporting is not accurate / You can't guarantee tracking / You need to meet certain requirements" is not put across clearly to users when selecting "Use a Google forwarding number". Personally, if this was made clear from day one, I would have purchased a single tracking number from a 3rd party company and used this in my call extension instead - The reporting would then be 100% accurate.



2.) Google AdWords recommends that your account structure should be as granular as possible. In short they're saying "create lots of specific, highly relevant ad groups to improve user experience, account performance, CTR, Quality Scores etc etc." BUT.... by creating lots of ad groups you will actually find yourself outside the eligibility for a 'Google forwarding number' to show.


3.) Many agencies split ad groups out into different keyword match types and ensure that campaigns are as granular as possible - This means an account could contain 100 ad groups with up to 350 clicks per ad group, but still not be eligible for a Google forwarding number to show.


Let's give an example of the aforementioned issue:

Over the last four weeks your average CPC is £1, your account has 2 campaigns with 15 ad groups in each campaign, each ad group receives 350 clicks. This puts your account's total spend to £10,500 over the last four weeks... But your ad groups were not eligible to show a Google forwarding number, meaning reporting on calls from ads is not accurate for your budget of £10,000+ per month!



My feedback to Google is:

Set the threshold for clicks at a campaign level, rather than ad group level, to ensure big spenders with granular account setups aren't missing conversions (Conversions that will show a better ROI from Google AdWords and encourage the advertisers to spend more with Google)


Make it clearer to users that there are minimum requirements for the forwarding numbers to show and that this makes the reporting inaccurate.




I hope the above feedback is helpful to Google & I hope this helps some advertisers to track any extra conversions they might be missing.




All the best,



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Re: You're Missing Conversions - With Google Forwarding Numbers.

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Thanks for sharing your findings!