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Why the need to import Google Analytics Goals?

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This is a burning question for me. Maybe I don't understand their individual properties leading me to asking this question, but whatever it is.. I would love some explanation.


As I see it, I have Adwords Conversions setup that fire off everytime forms are submitted on my destinational URLs. This is similarly setup for Analytics Goals. I'm not an eCommerce website where there's a value of conversion, neither do I have the Customer Lifetime Value of the venture capital business. So, for me, conversions are just leads/form fills. 


So the conversions on Adwords and goals on Analytics are just the same to me. I am also tracking GCLIDs that in the future I will try to figure out to connect to the conversions/goals to give me a deeper understanding, but that's the future. However, lately I've been reading about remarketing lists and what not and most of them mention that I have to import that Analytics goals into Adwords. 


Wouldn't that be redundant?

I would appreciate layman terms with examples as I usually understand those better as well Smiley Happy


Thank you!

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Re: Why the need to import Google Analytics Goals?

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Great Questions.

The one thing about Adwords Conversion tracking is it is really slow to sync with Adwords itself, can be a day to so behind at times. Google Analytics with the updated Universal code as well as the better interface and sync to Adwords, allows you to Manage your ROI via Analytics in a 3 hour delay, rather then in a 24-48 hour delay in reporting from Adwords stats.

I have used both, and find I can make better decisions and act and react from the Analytics reporting. I have had many mis ques from Conversion Tracking Scripts and at time the Tag Manager messes up. The Javascript reporting from GA seems to be way more reliable.

It can and is redundant to have both, but for best of all worlds, I would Highly suggest switching over to the new Universal GA or at least track the goals and view the goals in Analytic.

When Google made changes in how it counts Conversions a few months back, from 1 click to many etc to Converted clicks and Conversion clicks, I have noticed many issues with the OLD tag manager adwords scripts not working properly. But Analytic seemed to be consistent and reliable.

So at the end of the day - yes it's redundant, but you should really check out the New GA Universal and let tanalytics and Adwords sync properly to make the quickest ROI decisions
( IMHO),

Remarketing List. It can be run either from Analytics or from Adwords. I choose to run them via Adwords with a tag manager script. Remarketing is based upon a cookie that is set to a user visiting a certain URL. You can create lists of all visitors, visitors that when to page A but not B etc etc etc. Remarketing LIST do NOT deal with Analytics Goals.
Remarketing list deals with an "IF /then" or A not Be type statements you create via a wizard and URLs you determine.

Hope this helps.

Re: Why the need to import Google Analytics Goals?

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"You might not need to import Google Analytics transactions if you already use AdWords Conversion Tracking on a particular page. (Enabling both could cause conversions to be double-counted.)" Plz explain this?

Re: Why the need to import Google Analytics Goals?

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Thanks Eric.
Luckily, I'm on Universal Analytics and I will follow your advice about not needing to link up the two.