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Why isnt my pixel tracker not registering any conversions?

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I put in the pixel in the order confirmation page of Eventbrite. Despite the ticket purchases recorded in the account, it doesn't turn up in the pixel conversion report of my account. Any idea why this is? The next question would be: Is the Adwords Conversion code needed even IF I got pixel tracking running in the order confirmation page of the Eventbrite account?


A reply would really help me get some sleep- this has been giving me 3 weeks of restless sleep and nightmares (worse than falling from a high place or being chased by a monsterRobot Frustrated).






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Re: Why isnt my pixel tracker not registering any conversions?

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Hello Ady,

I try to understand you.

Pixel tracking belongs to a specific system. If you have Google Analytics, it works with pixel tracking for Analitics. the Analitics tracking code on a page is needed to work with it.

I think somewhere I did read that Adwords works with pixel tracking. Than Adwords code is needed to register within Adwords.

If you have another system what needs pixel tracking, name it system XXX, than you need tracking code for system XXX.

For which system did you install pixel tracking?


And there is an other option :

Google Analytics can be linked with Adwords. If you do that, than Google analytics is tracking the conversions.

** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.

Re: Why isnt my pixel tracker not registering any conversions?

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There are a couple of important things to bear in mind here - since I'm not completely sure how you have set things up these comments might help...

1. If you set up a conversion in AdWords - then the conversion code needs to be added to the page on your site that represents the conversion - i.e. the thank you page or the confirmation page.

2. Adwords conversions are independent of Google Analytics.

3. If you have Analytics running throughout your site then you can set up a goal based on a visit to the target page mentioned above - set up the goal for any visitor who reaches /thank-you.html - or whatever the page is on your site. Analytics will then record ALL visitors who reach that page - I stress all because it will include visits from all sources - direct traffic, emails, referrals, organic search, etc.

3. You will then (provided your AdWords and Analytics accounts are properly linked) be able to import this goal as a conversion in AdWords... this means you will be able to see those AdWords visits (clicks, ads, keywords, etc) that resulted in a goal completion.

Remember - Analytics talks about goals, Adwords talks about conversions - often they are measuring the same thing!

4. Be careful about having an AdWords conversion and a Google Analytics impoerted conversion for the same action in AdWords... i.e. if a person completes a purchase, you might have a conversion code snippet on the page, and it may also trigger a goal in Analytics - if this goal is then imported into ADwords as a conversion then you will effectively get two conversions for the single action - which can be misleading, not least in terms of the cost per conversion which will be half the true value.

Re: Why isnt my pixel tracker not registering any conversions?

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Thanks Elja G., it added to what I somehow know on Google Analytics.


I've done linking the AdWords to the Google Analytics (GA) steps already when I posted the question. A few hours ago, I could see Ecommerce conversion in the Analytics account, while none in the GA Goal conversion (with the Eventbrite URI as conversion) and in the Conversions report in AdWords. This is what boggles me. The ticket sales register in the Ecommerce report but not in Goals and Conversions despite it is targeted to the same page that has the pixel tracking.


thanks again. 

Re: Why isnt my pixel tracker not registering any conversions?

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Hi Steve,


I've added more info about the mystery that's been bugging me. I have imported the Analytics Ecommerce report to AdWords, does this mean I have to get rid of the Conversions report in AdWords and stick to the report that is showing results? 


One more thing, why isn't my Goal tracking when the Ecommerce report shows ticket sales?


I appreciate the help!

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Re: Why isnt my pixel tracker not registering any conversions?

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you need to be aware that if you record the same event via two channels Google will count them as two conversions. Thus your cost per conversion is halved and you will be celebrating falsely ;-)

The other point to remember is that the conversions in AdWords (which are goal completions imported from Analytics) will only record if the original source of the visit was AdWords... so you will see goals in Analytics that could be from other sources and still not see anythnig in AdWords.

The other thing to remember - and this is a mystery - is that there is a 48-72 hour delay in the goals recording in Analytics and appearing in AdWords. I have no idea why this should be.... it just is - one of the quirks we have to deal with - so if you have had goal completions in the past day or so you wouldn't see them in your AdWords reports just yet in any event.