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Why is Google Analytics Not Tracking Adwords Traffic?

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Hi Guys,


This is my first time posting in this forum but hoping that some of you will be able to help me out.


I am working with a client of mine who have two website (Lets call them website A and website B). I have just one adwords account set up for them with a specific campaign for each website.


Website A existed first and has a Google analytics profile that tracks conversions which are then pulled into adwords.

In the Google Analytics profile I can see my paid search traffic in both the Adwords tab and paid search filter.

Website B was created later. It too has its own analytics profile but the adwords traffic is not showing in the profile and so it is not showing conversions.

If if Analytics was showing adwords traffic how can I pull these into adwords as it currently can't pick up this second profile.

Autotagging is enabled (though it was off previously) so I don't know why this second profile can not recognise any Adwords traffic.


Can anyone help me to:

1) Get the second analytics account to pick up adwords traffic?

2) Get my Adwords account to pull in the conversions from that second analytics account?


Thanks folks,



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Re: Why is Google Analytics Not Tracking Adwords Traffic?

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Hi Kev,


AdWords tracking in Analytics depends on properly linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts. You can only link one AdWords account with one Analytics account. Your two domains have separate Analytics accounts, so you own't be able to link them both.


You have 2 options.


First: Add a profile for the second domain to the linked Analytics account and update the GA tracking code on that website.


Second: Use manual tagging for the second website. You won't get the same level of detail as is available with AdWords tracking, but you will get meaningful data. It won't show under the Advertising section. Instead, it will be under Traffic Sourced/Sources/Campaigns. This method will not allow you to track Analytics goals as AdWords conversions.


Best of Luck!




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