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Why does Google Adds not see all visitors?

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We used to have a steady income until we got dropped from 3rd place to second or 3rd page in google search 2 years ago with many completelly irrelevant pages in front of us. We moved to a different host (previous one possibly did some manipulation and then blamed google for the drop) and rebuilt everything form scratch with relevant keywords and all. The traffic is steadilly increasing and has now reached the previous levels.


However, when i look at the traffic stats on webserver and comparet them to the ones google adds i can see that there is about a half less visitors that google reports. this has been going on for some time and before i though ok so maybe later google will see them all. but that never happened.


So why does Google Adds not see all visitors?


Why does it show only about half  the amount registered in server logs?


When will i get payed for the adverts shown to the rest of the visitors?


Even google analytics is showing an increase (though still not as much as server data). Yet google adds counts remain low. It doesn't make sense.

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Re: Why does Google Adds not see all visitors?

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Per adwords' help center:-

Occasionally your AdWords account may show fewer clicks than your web logs. Here are some explanations for this mismatch:

Filtered clicks: Google's click protection technology may have automatically filtered out clicks that we determined to be invalid and prevented them from being charged to your account. You can see data on the invalid clicks that are automatically filtered from your account or specific campaigns.

Repeat visits: A customer might -- after clicking on your ad -- visit another link within your website and then hit the browser's back button. She might also bookmark the landing page and later return to your website directly through this bookmark. In both cases, the landing page will be reloaded and the third-party tracking software might count those as additional clicks.

For more info, please read this article about differences between AdWords and third-party data: