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Why do these keywords get triggered?

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I am bidding on "solar panel homes"... and I saw this query on my search report:


"duplexes for sale in lodi ca"


Apparently, it is "Broad (session-based) " match... can someone tell me


1) what is session based broad match in layman term?


2) why is this happening?


Also bidd

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Re: Why do these keywords get triggered?

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Hi taewoo,


I think I can answer both questions.  Taken from here:


"The search term is considered to be a variation of a keyword from your account, based on previous searches that the user has done during his or her search session."


The user was searching using terms that would trigger your keywords at some point during their current web browsing/searching session and that keyword was tagged with the 'Broad (session based) match when your ad appeared.




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Re: Why do these keywords get triggered?

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Hi Taewoo,


When you bid on broad match  "solar panel homes", your ad could be triggered by any one of the words in the phrase, or a synonym of any of the words.


"duplexes for sale in lodi ca" triggers your ad because duplex is a type of home and matches "homes" in your keyword.


I suggest you make this a modified broad match: +solar +panel +homes.


That will stop your ad from showing to the unrelated queries. Your ad will only be eligible if the query includes all three terms (or synonyms).


Best of Luck!




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Re: Why do these keywords get triggered?

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Thanks for all the suggestions


Is there a tool that would show what kind of terms would show as match for broad vs. modified?

Re: Why do these keywords get triggered?

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Thanks for that pete


Is there such thing as "negative modified broad match"? If so, is this a smarter way to go?

Re: Why do these keywords get triggered?

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Hello Taewoo,


Still we don't have negative modified broad match in adwords, but we can use negative keywords as broad, phrase and exact match. Please be careful in choosing the broad match negative keywords b/c they can prevent your ads showing for lots of keywords.


For examle if you are selling "Sports shoes" and you add "School Shoes" as negative keyword in broad match, then this can prevent your ad to show for all the keywords which have School Shoes, School, Shoes keywords. 


Phrase and exact match will not show your ads for keywords when people type keywords in same phrase or exact phrase.

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