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Why are url parameters missing from page requests?

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My destination URL uses ValueTrack parameters like this:{ifsearchSmiley Tonguepcsearch}{ifcontentSmiley Tonguepcdisplay}&utm_keyword={keyword}&matc...


But when I look at page requests in Google Analytics, the utm_source and utm_campaign parameters are being dropped. For example, performance&matchtype=&placement=mobileapp::1-404516121


Any ideas why?

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September 2015

Re: Why are url parameters missing from page requests?

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Hi David F,

Analytics recognizes those parameters and strips them to consolidate page stats.

utm_campaign aggregate stats are available through Acquisition->Campaigns.

utm_source and utm_medium are reported when you click on a campaign. Usually, utm_source would be "Google" or "AdWords" and utm_medium would be "ppcsearch" or "ppcdisplay".

Best of Luck!

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