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Why I can not see click in Analytics?

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I have a website integrated with google analytics, which I integrated a few days ago there was 16 clicks before 8, on 9 June I had 9 clicks. Why aren't the clicks appearing on report section in google analytics?

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Re: Why I can not see click in Analytics?

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Hi Chandan,
This is an incredibly broad question that difficult to answer with the level of detail that you have provided.

The answer to this question could range from "Are your eyes open" and "Have you got your computer turned on" to more complex answers that involve tag manager setup and manual tagging.

So, can you explain -
1) What you did
2) What you expected to see when you did (1)
3) What did you see instead?

Please remember that we cannot see what you see. We don't have access to your computer or accounts. The more detail that you can provide, the easier and QUICKER it will be to answer your question.
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Re: Why I can not see click in Analytics?

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Hi Dave_Davis
I found right answer. Everything is good now. The date selection was wrong in analytics. It was 7 of June by default. Now, I modified the date with beginning of my integration date of June and till today. Now if showing all visitors data.