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Which form completions came from AdWords?

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Hi - any help would be appreciated!

My client needs to know which of their form completions came from AdWords.

We have AdWords conversion tracking in place, but this just tells me how many conversions came from AdWords - not which ones.

The client needs to know which leads are from AdWords, so they can track these through the offline sales process, and identify the end value of each.

They have a large number of forms on their site and want to identify conversions coming from any of these (they don't need to identify which form)

They don't use dedicated landing pages for AdWords, so customers come to the site and browse before making an enquiry. We can't have dedicated forms just for AdWords as a result.

The number of conversions is too high for this to be a very manual process.

We use Google Tag Manager if this helps.

Any thoughts would be brilliant!

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Which form completions came from AdWords?

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Hi Karen,


I work with many advertisers in similar situations, and the best solution I have found is:

1. Add utm parameters to the urls:

2. Save the utm parameters as cookies on the user's browser

3. Insert the cookies through hidden form fields when the user submits a form


See this article for more details on this approach:


I hope that helps!




Which form completions came from AdWords?

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That's really helpful, thanks John. I'll look into doing this.


Which form completions came from AdWords?

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Hello @Karen Y,

The best way to tracck this is using analytics APIs but it can be quite complex job at times. 

I had a similar problem where my campaigns were auto tagged and couldnt get infromation about source from the URL for each lead so we used value track

I do this for many of my lead gen campaigns with SugarCRM by passing hidden fields in the form.

1. I read the valuetrack parameters with javascript and then push them with lead form in Sugar CRM

2. Here is sample code for this URL{matchtype}&keyword={keyword} this is value track URL in adwords an will show up as on landing page.
var first = getUrlVars()["keyword"];
var second = getUrlVars()["matchtype"];

function getUrlVars() {
    var vars = {};
    var parts = window.location.href.replace(/[?&]+([^=&]+)=([^&]*)/gi, function(m,key,value) {
        vars[key] = value;
    return vars;


Which form completions came from AdWords?

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Great, thanks. Really useful to have the sample code! Karen