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Which cookies are required for Remarketing

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Hi All!


I'm working with a partner site to do remarketing, but given the nature of our js app (which they host on their site in an Iframe) I'm thinking that users are not properly getting the cookies required for remarketing. I've built a remarketing audience (>300 people), and am running a Display ad with an (I believe) sufficiently high max CPM to at least get some impressions, but so far have had 0.


Could someone please shed some light on which cookie(s) specifically google looks for when remarketing? I.e. what is the name of the cookie that *must* be set in order for a user to be able to get an impression of my ad when browsing a different site?


Thank you!



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December 2015

Re: Which cookies are required for Remarketing

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Hi Tom,

Re-marketing uses a third party cookie, Google being the third party. You can not set this cookie and won't be able to read it from any server-side script. Some developer tools will show you the cookie. It depends on the conversion id and label in the re-marketing code for proper attribution. If those values are correct in that code, your list should build properly.

In your Display Campaign, have you looked at any of the competitive metrics? Specifically, I'd take a look at Lost IS Due to Rank. That number is probably approaching 100%. If that's the case, you'll need to bump up your bid(s).

Best of Luck!

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