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Where exactly install my DRA tags? In which pages?

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I was wondering where do I have to put my DRA tag.

I read a bunch of tutorials and guides from AdWords, like, and others... but I could not find in which pages should I install my DRA tags.


For example, the 2nd link I gave has this excerpt:

ecomm_prodid: Required [...] This parameter should be passed when the ecomm_pagetype is product or cart.

But, if ecomm_prodid is required, it should be passed in all pages, right? Otherwise why ecomm_pagetype has so much values (home, searchresults, category, product, cart, purchase, other) if it should be used only in product and cart pages? It simply doesn't make sense...



I also saw forums saying I should put the DRA tags in all pages... It also doesn't make sense.


Someone know for sure about this topic? Please, I need guidance.


Thanks in advance.


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March 2017

Where exactly install my DRA tags? In which pages?

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Hi Leonardo L,

Yes, your DRA tag should be on all pages. But there are different parameters for each page type. If the page doesn't show products, the type should not be product or cart, try home, searchresults, or other, as are appropriate.

Best of Luck,




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Where exactly install my DRA tags? In which pages?

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Thanks Pete.


But I'm still confused. By your answer I should pass product Ids (ecomm_prodid) on pages that has them. I sounds fair. But in manuals ecomm_prodid must be passed only if ecomm_pagetype in {product, cart}. So, how can I pass in category products??


Best regards.