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Where can I see the geo data ?

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Hello Hello,


I use the Keyword Planner, but where can I find the geo data ?


For example: Fly Fishing

exact: 49.500


But I would like to see from where are these searches coming from !


With the old keyword tool I could see that 30% was coming from Australia, or 10% from the US, and so on. 

It was very nice displayed also with a nice graphic map.


Just can't find this awesome feature anymore.


Thank you so much for any help, direct link, etc.



by the way: are there any settings, that makes it possible to set the search always to exact ?


Smiley Happy

Re: Where can I see the geo data ?

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Hello Bernhard R ! Welcome to the Community.


With the keyword planner you set the Geo. It is in the left panel bellow the keyword. Use one City or Country at a time , otherwise the results are not segmented per Geo location. All results are in exact match in the main window which is a better reporting than the old broad match.


Re: Where can I see the geo data ?

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Well.. I know I can set the geo... but I don't want to.

For example:
Fly Fishing

I get the result for exact: 49.500

I did not set any geo location. So those 49.500 exact matches are coming from all over the world.

I would like to know, from where ?
At least from which country ?

Does that make sense ?

For me it's important to know if the searches are coming from Australia, the UK, the US, or from someone else.

I hope that makes sense... isn't that possible anymore ?

Thank you very much for your help, appreciate it !
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Re: Where can I see the geo data ?

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1. At least we have established that the 49.500 global figure is about the exact match. For anyone who reads this later it is found in the Help Center : link


2. There is also the Global Market Finder, but I don't think it works with exact matches, it can be  found here


and this is the result, but make sure you click the plus sign in front of the Country and language, because for France for example it shows the unified value for both "fly fishing" and "pêche mouche"





3.With the keyword planner alone it doesn't seems possible to see what countries a keyword has the total results.


If  you want to analyze data with a combination of "Google Trends" and "Keyword Planner" , this is the drill :  Just selected the year from 2004 to 2013 and in the "Regional Interest" I clicked the list instead of the Map







Now I have returned to the Keyword planner and have switched the countries seen here, 10 searches , these are the divided results for "fly fishing"  :


1) United states - 27.100

2) South Africa - 590

3) New Zeeland - 320

4) Canada - 2.900

5) Ireland - 480

6) United Kingdom - 5.400

7) Australia - 1.600

8) Sweden - 320

9) Argentina - 390

10) Netherlands - 320


Total = 39420 , which is 79.63 % of the global 49.500 exact matches

Total time of search for the top 10 countries : 5 min


I hope you find this useful.

Re: Where can I see the geo data ?

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awesome.. that's what I was looking for ! Thank you so much - this is great !