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Where can I see the call reporting toll free number?

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I have had many clicks on my ad, but absolutely no calls! How can I test that the toll free number is correctly forwarding calls to me real phone number?

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Re: Where can I see the call reporting toll free number?

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Hi Lorraine,


Thanks for posting your question. You should be able to use the call extensions performance metrics to determine if/what calls you are receiving from ad extensions. Here's a link that describes how to view your call details. 


Hope this information is helpful!

Re: Where can I see the call reporting toll free number?

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Hello Lorraine,


In addition to the great advice already received , this is my version about your described problem :


Statistics for calls received through Google Forwarding numbers are described actually here : link



Expand the text link "+Review your performance metrics" and the text bellow can be seen.


Make sure you have selected in the interface a time-frame that includes the date when you activated the forwarding number . If you analyze a time-frame before this, you will not see relevant data.



First thing I would do would be to check "Phone impressions" to verify that the forwarding number was displayed with your ads, this is a custom column that you can activate at the Ad group or Campaign level.

Then on the Dimensions tab I would check call status , there could be "missed calls".


I would also check if the number I entered to be forwarded to is correct and active. Try to call your own number.


Lastly you can pick a cheap keyword, type it in the search engine on a desktop, in order to see one of your Ads and look at the number that you see there near the Ads without clicking on it. Call that number to verify if the forwarding is done with not problems.


Also a long shot would be to verify if you have used the call extension on an ad group while wanting to see Ads with the forwarding number for another ad group that does not have call extension activated.




I hope this helps