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Where Conversion exactly made? "onCLick + transaction specific values"

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Hi Guys!

Tracking clicks on links or buttons as conversions


In some cases, I may want to track clicks on a button or link as a conversion instead of the "thank you" page (Let's assume client is not willing to meddle with "thankyou" php script in peak sales season).

I want to count conversions when my website's visitors:

  • Click a purchase button and are taken to a 3rd-party payment page for payment, and may not return to your site's purchase confirmation page.


Let's say, for the above scenario, I have a page(Called xyz) where the customer fills his personal contact details, and the xyz also displays the total cart items and cost values, and Finally, the page has a submit button having onClick tracking and the page itself has code for reading the onClick event (as given by google help)

So if I ALSO add "transaction specific values" to the tracking code (total cart cost remember?), and if a customer clicks the submit button, will the conversion be counted there itself in page xyz?
Or will the conversion only be valid through the third party payment page after properly paying.

Thanks, Agastya.

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September 2015

Re: Where Conversion exactly made? "onCLick + transaction specifi

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Hi there,


If you have implemented the tracking code on the "Submit button", then the Event would be recorded with the transaction value as soon as any user clicks on that button.


You can set this up from Google Analytics as a Goal and then import that data in AdWords to get the Conversions (Submit button Clicks) data in AdWords.


You can see the two links below for steps :



Re: Where Conversion exactly made? "onCLick + transaction specifi

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Hey Agastya,

The problem is 3rd party cookies that adwords uses. I have faced similar situations in many of my clients website. The best thing is implement conversion tracking using google analytics. Export the data from analytics to google adword account.

I hope that helped,
Jainam T

Where Conversion exactly made? "onCLick + transaction specific values"

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This makes no sense. Why would you want the click to be reported as a purchase? You have no idea if that person 1) went on to complete the purchase 2) did not get rejected (Credit) 3) how many orders they got. 


MRC would not accredit those clicks as conversions so why overreport to a client?