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When to pause non converting ads

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What are your thoughts on when to pause non converting ads.



Do you look at clicks, imps etc.?

What are your limits?

How can you calculate this?


Or is it better to A/B test and use statistical significance calculation?

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Re: When to pause non converting ads

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Good morning.


I would say this is a fairly case-by-case sort of issue. I don't have one hard-and-fast metric that I use, nothing like "if an ad has sent X number of visitors to the website and those visitors haven't converted" because I have clients in a number of different industries and all of those industries are different. 


Are you sending traffic to a web page or trying to get mobile clicks/calls or what?  What you're trying to acomplish has a big impact on how you manage your campaign. Do you have other, active ads that are producing conversion streams? Are you certain that the keywords associated with the non-converting ad(s) are keywords that are used by people who are ready to buy?


There are just too many factors for a single "rule" to be applicable.



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Re: When to pause non converting ads

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Hi Admin,

There are several factors that can contribute to pausing a non-converting ads. However, primarily, it should be a mix of click and budget. If you think you are not getting enough clicks or conversions compared to what you are spending, then I would suggest it's an alarming bell. One more factor that I think should be examined is analytics. I suggest you minutely monitor the visits that are getting to your site through adwords and the bounce rate. So I would suggest you look out these factors:

1) Clicks
2) Bounce rate
3) Impressions
4) CTR
5) Avg CPC, and
6) Cost

I hope this information help you solve your problem.


Re: When to pause non converting ads

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Sir Instead of Pausing non converting ads...we should check the reason why they are not converting....put the keywords on exact match to trigger ads....If after exact match people are not converting ..try to raise bid and quality score.....that will improve ad rank...if that not doesn't change your situation....try more relevant keywords....if that doent work ..i think you should pause...