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When to look at last click conversion and first click conversion?

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In what situation, we should use two different indicators for analysis?


And I want a simplified definition of each indicator, thank you! coz the google one is a bit complex.

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September 2015

Re: When to look at last click conversion and first click conversion?

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Hey Ka Hei W

Good question and great topic. You should get some great answers from community members here.

Here is my example.

If we look at a very simplified conversion path:

generic kw > brand search > conversion

In this example, if you used first click analysis you can identify which terms raise awareness and bring visitors to your site. In this case, a generic KW, perhaps during the information search stage of the customer. This click may not have converted the visitor, but it played a key part in delivering the 2nd search, the brand search, which did convert. This may be defined as an assisted conversion. Using last click analysis, you give credit to the last click. With first click, you give credit to the first. There are a range of attribution models you may apply, each have their value and merits.

The google help centre explains this as "First click is a good way to find what keywords introduce customers to your site, while last click helps you to see what completed the conversion. Think of these as different salespeople in a department store: one salesperson might be the person who first spoke to the customer, while another salesperson closed the deal".

That is an incredibly simplified analysis above however.

In my experience, you may use different Attribution models to gain different perspective to grow the account. The danger in this simplified approach as above may be if you are using a last click model, you would give credit to the last click, and possibly decide to pause the first kw. This would have resulted in 0 conversions.

Here is the link to the Attribution. Its a great topic to get in to and apply.

Hope that helps, even if a little bit Smiley Happy