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What to do with an upsell page?

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Hi All,


I can use some help figuring out how to deal with an upsell page.  The flow of my ecomm site goes like this:

1. customer clicks "buy" and purchase is made

2. customer taken to an upsell page. can click "buy" or "no thanks"

3. customer taken to receipt page.


If I put my Adwords conversion code on the receipt page, I will lose buyers who leave the site on the upsell page (#2).  If I put the code on the upsell page, I always get my conversions, but I will lose some of the conversion value (the value of the upsell).  It's important to me to capture both.  How would you handle this?  I can work with both Adwords and Google Analytics for a solution.


Thanks for any help!

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Re: What to do with an upsell page?

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Hi Ronaldi,




Here are a couple of thoughts, not sure if they will work for you or not.


1. Re-order your pages - buy/add to cart - upsell - purchase - confirmation (all conversions happen on the final page).

2. Add an additional conversion to the upsell page.  You can have multiple conversion types in AdWords and I'm sure there is functionality in Analytics, through goals, that you could probably set up to accomplish this.  Especially if you're running an e-commerce site where you may be passing purchase values along with the conversion code.  Yes, this will attribute multiple conversions per click but I don't see that as a downfall.


Just a couple of thoughts I had for you.  I wish I could give you concrete and direct details but I'm just not sure on the 'best' route for you and your setup/goals.




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Re: What to do with an upsell page?

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Hi Tom,


Thanks so much for your thoughts!  This is a pickle.


(a) Thinking through #2, I can have a conversion type for say "Main Purchase" (conv code would be on the upsell page) and another for "Upsell" (conv. code on the receipt page).  The "Main Purchase" conversion would track 100% of purchasers, and the "Upsell" would be tracked separately. To get the total values, I can add the two.


(b) What is most important for us is to have the order/transaction number (from ecomm tracking) associated with the Adwords campaign.  I see that I can get this kind of report via GA Conversions -> Ecomm -> Transactions, adding a second dimension of "Campaign".  That gives me a column for order/transactions, and another column for campaign.  I may be able to give up the accuracy of the values here, since I can use an export of this report to match against our back-end system to get the absolute total order values.  But the trick would be to make sure the order/transactions to campaign matching is accurate.  Hmm, it seems the ecomm tracking needs to be moved from the receipt page (where it currently is) to the upsell page. Would you agree?


(c) Or can I have two sets of ecomm tracking codes??  If so, I'd put one with the order/transaction number (with a 0 value and no items) on the upsell page to track the main purchase - giving me the assurance of always having a match, and then another on the receipt page with the same order/transaction, the items, and the real total value.  Do you think this might work?


(d) Finally, do you suppose I can break this up into 2 GA profiles?  One would be for Ecomm tracking only on the receipt page, and another would be for achieving the objective in above?


Thanks again for your assistance!



Re: What to do with an upsell page?

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Hi Ron,


I think I would place the AdWords conversion code on both the transaction receipt and the upsell receipt. That can be 2 different conversion types if you want. On the receipt pages I would include only amount the items purchased in that part of the cycle. And I would also place the eCommerce transaction code on both receipts, b eing careful not to report the sales amounts twice.


The transaction receipt would show only the amount of the sale, the upsell receipt would show only the amount of the upsale. These will show as 1 one-per-click (most of the time) for those not accepting the upsell offer, and 2 many-per-click for those accepting the upsell offer. The values will be added together on your group and keywords reports.


You should be able to use the same transaction id, I'm not certain of this as I have not tried it. But logically speaking, if the transactions are grouped by your transaction id, they should all report together in the eCommerce section as one transaction. If Google assigns it's own id and groups transactions by that number, you will see 2 transactions with the same id number. Or, you could use the same transaction number and append a "U" or other coding to indicate the transaction was an upsell.


What you want to avoid is reporting sales amounts twice. That'll make it really hard to decypher.


What's confusing me is this: "I'd put one with the order/transaction number (with a 0 value and no items) on the upsell page to track the main purchase". If you do that you won't get any sales amount data from the main purchase. I am assuming there is an amount associated with the transaction as you call it a purchase.


Hope this helps. BEst of Luck!




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Re: What to do with an upsell page?

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Hi Pete,


I am implementing your suggestions now. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for all your help.


The piece that was confusing you can ignore - i think you have a sound plan.


Much appreciated,