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What situations does {device} appear as a {device} in tracking?

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What situations does {device} appear as a device rather than the value tracks m c or t. Does it depend on what level you are tracking at? Keywords or ads? Or are there other reasons?


I notice on some reports I will see m,c, or t so I know the value track is correct.


I don't understand when {device} occurs rather than the aforementioned values.




Re: What situations does {device} appear as a {device} in tracking?

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Hi Jerry,


I am using the Value Tracks for Devices for some time now and I have never found anything like you said. The Value Track Parameters for device always tracks and in M, C or T. It may be that you are using 'Device' as a Value Itself for other any Value Track parameters.


However, It would be good if you can let me know the number of times it shows as device in the reports you have. So I can check with my peers also.


- Prashanth Reniguntala

Re: What situations does {device} appear as a {device} in tracking?

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It happens on quite a few urls. I have transposed the m, c, t values to lower case but in many cases simply says {device}.

These are examples of the query string. The actual urls have been obfuscated.

r-goodbye-br_r_on_goodbye_bmm-goog-br-br_r_on_goodbye_x_x_x-text-{device}- hello
r-goodbye-br_r_bc_goodbye_exact-goog-br-br_r_bc_goodbye_x_x_x-text-{device}-hello ca
r-goodbye-br_r_mb_goodbye_bmm-goog-br-br_r_mb_goodbye_x_x_x-text-{device}- hello
r-goodbye-br_r_on_goodbye_exact-goog-br-br_r_on_goodbye_x_x_x-text-{device}-hello ca
r-goodbye-br_r_mb_goodbye_exact-goog-br-br_r_mb_goodbye_x_x_x-text-{device}-hello ca
r-goodbye-br_r_ab_goodbye_exact-goog-br-br_r_ab_goodbye_x_x_x-text-{device}-hello ca
r-goodbye-br_r_bc_goodbye_bmm-goog-br-br_r_bc_goodbye_x_x_x-text-c- hello

Re: What situations does {device} appear as a {device} in tracking?

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Hi Jerry/Monoprice,

Is there any consistency as to what keywords/ad groups it is happening with? Just wondering if maybe the parameters are missing an ampersand or an equal sign, or something that is causing it not to resolve properly.

Re: What situations does {device} appear as a {device} in tracking?

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HI Amy,
Thanks for taking a stab. The urls syntax are exactly the same.
The format is like this blah(parameter)= value_value_value_{device}_{keyword} keyword populates fine dynamically from the engine, just mystified why device doesn't. Some people say the value tracks work perfectly and others tell me they don't. I don't think it's encoding or anything because the syntax doesn't differ.