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What keywords were used on my Universal App Campaign?

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I ran a Universal app campaign for a few weeks and had varying results.  It started off doing great, but 99% of my traffic was from the Search Network.  After a week or 2, it started getting impressions from the Display network.  It got to the point where I was getting 75% of my impressions from the Display Network, yet it only created one conversion.  It lost me a couple of hundred dollars.  I got a little ticked and created my own install campaign, but I was unable to generate the same kind of traffic that the universal one generated on the search network.  I suspect that I'm missing a lot of keywords that it was using.  

Is there a way for me to find what keywords were being used by the universal app campaign so I can bring them over to my manual display network only campaign?

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July 2016

Re: What keywords were used on my Universal App Campaign?

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Hi Rick
Unfortunately there is no way to get keyword or placement level reporting for UAC.
Regards, Nik
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