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What is the percentage of Adwords ads that show up on the first page?

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I'm an intern at a marketing firm and would like to know if there is any data on how many or what percentage of all Adwords ads show up on the first page of results. Thanks! 

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Re: What is the percentage of Adwords ads that show up on the first pa

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Hi Mary, welcome to the Community.


I think you'd have to qualify the question somewhat before we could even begin to think about an answer to that one.  Are you talking about the Ads that could appear for a single search phrase such as "buy red shoes"?  In a single country? Worldwide?  In what languages?  At what time of day?  Over what time period?  Are we talking about an average position or at any one instance?


Sorry if this sounds like I'm putting up barriers but your original question is like asking "how many people go to London".  We know there are a lot, we know it's not everyone on the planet, but to get anything like a number we'd need to know some defining details.

Worse, I think even if you gave a very precise definition, the data may still not be publicly available.


Can you tell us what you're trying to prove or test?  We may be able to give you some pointers for experiments or theories to test.



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