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What am I looking at?

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I can't get my head around this...


I drill down to the content report - pages... and I see this:



So take row 3... 208 page views and an average of 3.17 minutes on the page - great - I get that!


and 9 visitors came to the site directly to that page... OK...


and 100% of them bounced... here's where I start to get lost... as I understand it - everyone of the people that entered the site on this page bounced - so that's the 9 of them - not the 208.... how am I doing?


Now the last bit... 58.17% of the people who got to this page exited the site here (???) - so that can't be from the 9 - because we've already established that ALL of those left the pageand the site there because they all bounced.... so this must be from the 158 unique visitors to the page... of THOSE 58% left the site once they got there....


Or am I missing something? I know it can't be the percentage of the people that left the site - since there's clearly far more than 100% in total...


I'm trying to understand this data because it clearly holds insights into which pages are negaging and which are leaking visitors - any confirmation or correction ot my reasoning would help save another few neurons of my sanity!



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Re: What am I looking at?

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Hi Stickleback,


This is a tricky part of Analytics...I'm not going to pretend that I can explain this better than Google but the key is to understand the sessions.


Check out this page, it could help you out:  Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate



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Re: What am I looking at?

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Hi Stickleback,


All bounces are exits, not all exits are bounces.




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Re: What am I looking at?

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Thanks to both....the link actually does explain it - on second or third reading...


It is a little confusing - but, By George, I think I've got it!