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Website Call Tracking with Multiple Numbers on Landing Page

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Hi There, 


Been trying to figure this out for a few days now... can't find any sample code or examples, but I see other sites doing it so I know it's possible. I'm pretty sure they are using adwords call extensions.


I have a client who is driving traffic from one ad to a landing page that lists 5 different companies in a review format - there are 5 unique phone numbers listed on the page, one for each company, that we need to track conversions for separately.


I modified the _googWcmGet function to accept parameters from a callback (two avoid async confusion with variables), like this:


// modified code provided from google for conversion tracking

//var h={ak:"123456789",cl:"123abc-unique-script-id"};
          a[c](2,b,h,d,null,new Date,e)


// utilize callback

function displayAdPhones(style, number, akcl, callback) {
    callback(style, number, akcl);


// call for each number

displayAdPhones('phone-company-one', '(877) 123-5555', {ak:"123456789",cl:"123abc-unique-script-id"},_googWcmGet);

displayAdPhones('phone-company-two', '(877) 456-5555',{ak:"123456789",cl:"456def-unique-script-id"},_googWcmGet);



Using chrome development tools I can verify that each time the function is called it is getting the correct parameters for each different number. When I click on the ad and load the page, the console outputs what I'm expecting, but the same google forward number shows for each company - in other words,what I want is for each company listing to have a unique google forwarding number, but instead they are showing one number over and over.


Is there a workaround for this, or am I missing something with my implementation? 


I've tried creating 5 unique call extensions, one for each company in adwords, and applied them to the campaign - doesn't seem to make a difference.


Thanks in advance!


Re: Website Call Tracking with Multiple Numbers on Landing Page

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Very good topic, even I am interested in knowing this as well. I also have many clients having 2 or more phone numbers displayed on the website. I want to know, how to track calls on those numbers via Adwords.


Re: Website Call Tracking with Multiple Numbers on Landing Page

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Would love a solution to this, we've tried using jQuery to implement two numbers using the following code:


$(function() {
_googWcmGet('number', '01483 522 216');
_googWcmGet('mobilenumber', '07876 594599');


...and calling them in the body, but this only changes the first number.


If anyone can work out how to use multiple numbers that would be great!





Re: Website Call Tracking with Multiple Numbers on Landing Page

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At first I wondered if registering 2 separate tracking scripts would work but since both scripts are looking for the same callback function name (_googWcmGet) you can have only 1 call tracking campaign and no way to target different numbers on your page. What Google needs to do is allow passing a unique callback function name for each tracking script or expand upon the same campaign script to allow for individual sub-tracking of more than one number.

This seems like a no-brainer considering the bajillions of businesses out there with different departments, facilities or franchises that each have their own published number and one would assume most business would like to track those individually.

In the past we used Mongoose.

Re: Website Call Tracking with Multiple Numbers on Landing Page

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Currently, this can't be done. I've had numerous conversations with google support staff and the development over this diabolical shortcoming of this adwords conversion tracking function. Everytime, I simply hit a brick wall that "we currently don't support multiple phone numbers".

Incredibly frustrating but the only way to do it is to have all locations on the page display the one google forwarding number that forwards to the same office location number as in the code below:

var callback = function(formatted_number, unformatted_number ) {

var a = document.getElementById("number1");
a.innerHTML = ""

var b = document.getElementById("number2");
b.innerHTML = ""

var c = document.getElementById("number3");
c.innerHTML = ""

var d = document.getElementById("number4");
d.innerHTML = ""

var e = document.getElementById("number5");
e.innerHTML = ""

var f = document.getElementById("number6");
f.innerHTML = ""

var g = document.getElementById("number7");
g.innerHTML = ""

var h = document.getElementById("number8");
h.innerHTML = ""


function changenumbers(){

_googWcmGet(callback, '0123 456 7890');


Then you need to change each phone number to have the appropriate id.

Re: Website Call Tracking with Multiple Numbers on Landing Page

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Im trying to do this on my site, but i'm using the mobile version because I want the numbers clickable.

I see your code but not sure how to insert it, where to put the


and what part to put into the body tag.

This is the code i'm using now

Example 3: Pass the Google forwarding number to a custom callback function on your mobile site

On mobile web pages with a clickable phone number, replace both the number that is displayed and the number that is called when clicked. This requires use of the callback function.

		  <script type="text/javascript">
		    var callback = function(formatted_number, mobile_number) {
		      // formatted_number: number to display, in the same format as
		      //        the number passed to _googWcmGet().
		      //        (in this case, '1-800-123-4567')
		      // mobile_number: number formatted for use in a clickable link
		      //        with tel:-URI (in this case, '+18001234567')
		      var e = document.getElementById("number_link");
		      e.href = "tel:" + mobile_number;
		      e.innerHTML = "";
		<body onload="_googWcmGet(callback, '1-800-123-4567')">
			  <a href="tel:18001234567" id="number_link">

Website Call Tracking with Multiple Numbers on Landing Page

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I have 5page website. i want to pass Google forwarding number. so please suggest we need to pass  <span class="number">1-800-123-4567</span> on all page . Like i have phone number <a href="tel:555555">555555</a> so i need to pass id in this number.its required or only body tag need to change...