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We haven't detected the Google Analytics remarketing functionality

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I've looked all around and followed every direction there is but I can not get this error message to go away and thus I can not create any remarketing campaigns.


My web site is


I'm running Google Analytics and Google Adwords through Google Tag Manager. I've already successfully run some basic Search and Display campaigns. But I can't get my Remarketing campaign set up properly. I have the Universal Analytics js enabled through Tag Manager. Since it is a default, I can not add the additional line of code but I'm assuming I don't need to since it is a default.
All my accounts are linked together; data is coming through to Google Analytics, I have enabled Advertising Features in Google Analytics, and Enabled Display Advertising in Tag Manager. I've set up a remarketing audience.
I have successfully run a standard Display Banner campaign. But when I go into Audiences in Adwords to set up a Remarketing campaign, I get the attached message. And when I follow the basics in Campaigns to set up a remarketing campaign, there is no "Radio button" for a remarketing campaign as the instructions say there should be.

Please help!

Re: We haven't detected the Google Analytics remarketing functionality

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Hi Randy,

Don't worry, you don’t need to make any additional code changes or add any additional remarketing tags if you enable Re-Marketing via an Admin setting in Google Analytics.

A remarketing list must have at least 100 active visitors within the last 30 days before you can show an ad to people on the list when they visit a Display Network site.

A remarketing list for Google search ads needs to have a minimum number of 1000 cookies (active visitors) before the list can be used to tailor your search ads. This helps protect the privacy of those who make up your list.

There's no maximum limit to the number of visitors you can add to your list. Your list will grow based on the number of people who visit the pages in your site that include your remarketing tag.

so please check have you full fill the criteria? if yes than you will able to run the remarketing campaign.

Please check this URL for how to setup Re-Marketing Campaign:-